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The Issues

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Women's Rights

A woman's right to make choices about her own body is a fundamental aspect of personal autonomy and healthcare. I stand firmly in defense of abortion rights. I am dedicated to protecting and expanding access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services while respecting the decisions of individuals and their medical privacy. It is essential that we uphold a woman's right to choose and maintain control over her own healthcare decisions.

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Affordable Housing

The availability of safe, affordable housing directly impacts the quality of life for countless individuals and families in our community. I am committed to implementing policies that address the housing crisis head-on. This includes supporting initiatives to increase the availability of affordable housing, providing assistance to vulnerable populations, and working to alleviate homelessness. Every person deserves a place to call home, and it is our duty to create a community where this fundamental need is met for all.

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Economic Development

I am a strong advocate for inclusive and equitable economic development. It's crucial that our economic policies create opportunities for everyone, not just a select few. This includes supporting initiatives to raise the minimum wage, promoting job growth, and ensuring that workers are compensated fairly and treated with respect. I believe that our community's well-being depends on fostering an economic environment where everyone can prosper.



On the issue of firearms, I support responsible gun control measures. While respecting the Second Amendment, it's imperative that we implement sensible regulations to reduce gun violence and ensure the safety of our communities. This includes measures such as universal background checks, waiting periods, mandatory safe storage laws, and increased restrictions on access to Military Style Rifles. Our aim is to strike a balance that respects the rights of law-abiding citizens while preventing firearms from falling into the wrong hands, thereby safeguarding our communities.

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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a top priority for me. Our environment faces numerous challenges, from pollution and climate change to habitat destruction. I am unwavering in my commitment to implementing policies that address these issues head-on. This includes investing in renewable energy sources, supporting conservation efforts, and actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It's our responsibility to act swiftly to protect our planet for the benefit of future generations.


Affordable Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare should not be a privilege reserved for the few, but a guarantee for all. I am committed to implementing policies that ensure every member of our community has access to the care they need without facing financial hardship. This means advocating for universal healthcare solutions, expanding Medicaid access, lowering prescription drug costs, and protecting those with pre-existing conditions. By making healthcare affordable and accessible, we can create a healthier and more equitable society where individuals and families can thrive without the burden of exorbitant medical expenses. It's time for healthcare to be a right, not a luxury.

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