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I'm a 25-year-old Pinellas County native, deeply proud of my Puerto Rican heritage and the diverse community I call home. My upbringing has been strongly influenced by being raised in Pinellas County. My dedication to service, empathy, and compassion were all formed right here.

Having graduated from St. Petersburg College in Seminole, I earned a degree in Public Policy and Administration, which has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle complex issues and effect meaningful change in our society. My academic journey not only broadened my perspective but also fueled my passion for public service.

My professional experiences as a banker and paralegal have honed my commitment to financial integrity, legal justice, and a desire to ensure the well-being of individuals and families. Working in the legal field, I've seen firsthand the importance of access to justice, and I'm dedicated to creating a fair and equitable society for all.

While my career is important, I also place great emphasis on family and community. I spend cherished moments with my loved ones, creating lasting memories. As a nearly lifelong resident of Pinellas County, I try and help those in need in my community in any way that I can. 


Additionally, I'm dedicated to bettering my community, whether it's through local initiatives, neighborhood improvement projects, or any opportunity to make a positive impact.

In all aspects of my life, my heritage, family, and education are the guiding forces that motivate me to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of both my community and the people within it. I am committed to being a voice for positive change and a source of inspiration for those around me.


Create Change, Together

Peter Owen
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