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Congressional Race FL-13
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Working to Create a Better Pinellas County

As a Pinellas County native, dedicated Democrat, and proud husband and father, I am seeking to represent my community in Congress. My deep roots in Pinellas County have shaped my values and instilled a strong sense of responsibility toward my neighbors and our future.


As a native of this vibrant and diverse community, I have had the privilege of witnessing the unique challenges and opportunities that define Pinellas County. I am committed to addressing the concerns of our diverse population and working towards solutions that improve the lives of all residents.


Throughout this journey, my experiences here have been a guiding light, inspiring me to uphold principles of compassion, social justice, and empathy. I believe it is our duty to care for those in need, protect our environment, and foster an inclusive society where every individual has a fair chance to succeed.

Being a father has given me a personal stake in our community’s future. I am dedicated to creating a safer, more equitable world for our children and future generations. This includes advocating for accessible healthcare, quality education, and a sustainable environment.


As a Democrat, I understand that I face an uphill battle, but I aim to bridge the gaps in our community one voter at a time. I strive to promote policies that reflect our shared values of equality, diversity, and opportunity for all. I am committed to listening to the voices of ALL Pinellas County Residents and I will work tirelessly to create a brighter future for all.


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